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Brand Designer & Strategist, Illustrator, and Certified Dog Mom.​

In 2016 I was a Political Science Major with the hopes of becoming a world-renowned politician. When the election cycle hit that year, I saw firsthand how politics can drive apart friends, colleagues and even families. I felt something inside me shift that year, and I knew I needed to change my path. 

I had always been interested in Art and Graphic Design, but at 21 years old I felt like I was "too old" to start something brand new. (Newsflash: You are NEVER too old to start something new.) With a bit of encouragement from my husband I purchased Adobe Illustrator and took a youtube course on how to use it. I quickly realized Graphic design was my passion and calling in life, and thus, a Designer was born. 

As a business owner myself , I know the importance of creating a distinct visual representation for your brand. I help small businesses define their brand story so their customers are clear on who they are and what they do. I turn this brand story into a cohesive visual brand through custom colors, design and logos. 

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Learn the brand hacks every business owner should know to form their brand identity.

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You deserve a logo you can feel confident about showing off on your all of your business assets.

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We've all been there: you put out content you think aligns with your branding and hear: crickets.

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