build your brand design

without knowing graphic design.

Wouldn't it be great to build your logo design without:

Buying expensive design programs.

Having ANY knowledge of graphic design.

Spending money you don't have to hire a graphic designer. 

Spending hours learning how to design your logo.

When you join this $67 Masterclass you'll learn How to:

DEFINE your Brand Mission, Vision, and Niche in just 90 minutes

DESIGN your brand logo without paying for a graphics program or hiring a designer

ATTRACT your dream clients using the power of branding.

And as if all of that wasn't enough!

Each session will have a BONUS live Q & A where I will be available to answer any design or branding questions you might have! 

Join the BONUS Private facebook group where you can ask questions WHENEVER you want, and get feedback from me, a brand designer and fellow masterclass members.

Submit your logo design to me for a FREE logo design audit where I'll give you suggestions on how to perfect your logo design


Adrienne Barton
I want to share what a gift this class was! I am in my 17th year in the non-profit sector and have created organizations from the ground up. NEVER has anyone broken down Mission and Vision statements to the simplistic and understandable way you did. 
Wendy Harrop
I've been trying to nail down my niche for months, but no one has asked in such a simple way! Thank you!
Laurie Thomas
Sadie's class is short, sweet and to the point. She has the ability to break things down into bite size pieces. 


If I don't know exactly what my business concept or offer is, will this class still benefit me?

A: Yes! This class will help you think about the vision behind your business and branding, as well as the design of your branding. Each topic is crafted in a way to help you think about how your branding impacts your offers and your business. 

Do I need to buy any special programs for this masterclass?

A: No! I have designed this masterclass to use 100% free programs, that business owners use every day as an alternative to graphic design programs. I'll teach you correct principles of design so you can rock your logo, branding, and any other graphics you make for your biz!

If I don't have a business name, but want to learn about design and branding, can I still take the class?

A: Yes! I will be sending out a replay of the video to everyone that attends the class, so you will have the tools for your branding forever! So if you don't have a name or idea for a business now, but want to learn about how to brand yourself and design a brand, this class is a great fit for you! 

THIS Masterclass IS FOR YOU IF:

You've tried to design a logo in the past, but have felt stuck with the design aspect.

You know you need a logo for your business, but you have no idea where to start.

You know you want to design a logo, but don't have the programs to do it. 

You feel you don't understand design principles enough to design your logo and branding.

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