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Brand Message


This branding is for Bree-Anna, a highly empathatic mom who believes in helping women thrive. Bree-Anna's Mission Statment is to help moms unlock their power and build a business from anywhere in the world and make a massive impact in the lives of others.
Bree-Anna's message is one of empowerment. She helps other moms see that they have all they need to be successful and live a life they love. 
Helpful, Brave, Cheerful, and Familiar,
Bree-Anna told me she loves soft pinks, and palm leaves, so I wanted to keep her Mood Board reflective of that. I incorporated images that show women who are thriving in their life, and living their dreams. The Color Palette is very feminine, as females are her target audience.
Bree-Anna came to me with a rough idea of the design she wanted, an aesthetic I would describe as feminine, but powerful. The feminine aspect can be seen in the brand logo through the script for her first name, and the powerful can be seen in the bold font for her last name. Since Bree-Anna loves palm leaves we incoorporated them into the Submark of the branding. 
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