You did it, you made THE perfect graphic.

You download the file from Canva, open it up to view it on your computer.... and... IT'S FREAKING BLURRY. 

So you go down the rabbit hole of google trying to discover how to solve this issue, only to be bombarded with graphic-design terms you know NOTHING about.

I get it, not everyone speaks graphic designer. And not everyone has to. 


But as a business owner there are a few graphic design principles you NEED to know.

But how do you know what terms to research?


And why does it all sound like a completely different language?

And what even is the difference between the file types?

And why can't someone just tell me the things I need to know so I can move on with my life already?

Don't worry boo, I got you. 

In this Course "No More Blurry Images" I'll teach you the principles of design you DO need to know, and leave out all of the fluff you don't.

Brand Designer & Strategist, Illustrator, and Certified Dog Mom.​

As a business owner myself, I know the importance of creating a distinct visual representation for your brand. 

But not everyone knows how to speak like a graphic designer. What the heck does PNG even mean anyway? 

Lucky for you, I do speak graphic designer, and can be your all-knowing guide and translator!

  • Know what each file type means, and when you should use them

  • Avoid Blurry Images when you download files!

  • Which file types you'll need for a logo, social media pics, and website images

  • Translate graphic designer terms in a language that a regular person can understand

Presale Price: $30

Course Release Date:

December 26, 2020

Upon Course release the price is going UP to $55

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