Mission Statement

Brand Message


This branding is for Felicia host of the Here Podcast. Here Mission Statement is to bring awareness, understanding, prevention, and healing to people who have experienced abuse.
Felicia strives to help others along their healing journey and inspire adults to be safe and loving advocates for all the children that are in their lives
Powerful, Optimistic and Compassionate
I wanted Felicias Mood Board and Color Palette to show healing from pain. Felicia and I discussed how broken people still have value, and I wanted to show that through the pictures in her Mood Board. For her Color Palette I chose soft colors to symbolize the vulnerability of her podcast guests, and bold colors to symbolize their courage. 
Felicia told me for her brand logo she wanted the word "Here" to be made up of phrases that contain the word. She also told me she wanted a bold font. Little did I know when I sent her the first proof that the font I chose was almost identical to a tattoo she has on her arm that has the word "Here". This logo symbolizes meditative sayings Felicia uses to ground herself with the word "Here".
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