Mission Statement

Brand Message


This branding is for Kristina, who owns a wellness coaching business. Her mission is to provide education and experiences to support people improve in all 8 dimensions of wellness Dimensions.
Kristina aims to give people the keys to unlock their full potential in all 8 Dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Social, Spiritual, Occupational, and Financial.
Loved, Joy, Healthy, Abundant and Authentic
For Kristina's Mood Board, I wanted a key to be the center of everything, since it is the symbol of her brand. Then the surrounding pictures each represent one of the 8 dimensions of wellness. There are 8 colors, which also correlate to one of the 8 dimensions. 
Kristina's branding is very symbolic. The Key symbolizes freedom, which she helps her clients achieve through her services. The Eight circles symbolize the 8 dimensions of wellness, and the heart symbolizes the love Kristina has for her clients.