Mission Statement

This brand design was for Reena, who owns an influencer outreach production company. Her mission statement is "We help businesses have fun growing their business."

Brand Message

Reena helps businesses tell their stories through social media content. She wanted her brand design to show that she is comfortable with who she is and the path she has taken.


Unconventional, Integrity, Fun, Gritty
For Reena's Mood Board I wanted to emphasize the "Grit" aspect of her brand, while still keeping things fun and uplifting. Reena and I talked about how she does what it takes to connect with hard to reach people, and I wanted the branding to show that resilience. I chose colors like red and teal, because these show boldness, another integral part of Reena's brand. 
This brand logo design was inspired by graffiti lettering, something Reena told me she loves the aesthetic of. Graffiti lettering is also tied to doing something "outside of the norm", which matched perfectly with Reena's mission to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.