Mission Statement

This branding is for Gail Keyes Allen: The Midlife Money Maker. Gail is a passionate women in her own midlife, whose Mission Statement is to empower and educate Midlife Women around their worthiness and money.

Brand Message


Gail told me her brand is unique because even though she is over 60, she is youthful, current, edgy and sophisticated! She does soul work not financial planning!
Soulful, Sophisticated, Edgy, Fun Vibe with a Softness
For Gail's Mood Board I wanted to use fun colors and textures to display the edgy vibe she was going for. We also included very vibrant colors in her Color Palette to showcase the fun aspect of her brand.
The bright, rainbow colors in Gail's Logo and Submark display the edgy, fun vibe of Gail's brand, while the script has the bit of softness. However, the script is still fun and fresh. 
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