Profitable Brand


August19th, 2020 @ 5PM PST/ 8 PM EST

Learn my 7 step process to

building a profitable brand.

You deserve to make money in your business.

As a brand designer I hear the words "brand yourself" thrown out all the time. You have to brand yourself as THE PERSON in the industry people come to for a specific service or product. But what in the world does that even mean? And how does it help you make MONEY anyway?

Wouldn't it be great to make money from your business without:

Feeling like you don't have an official "business", so you are not worthy to make money.

Spending time you don't have planning out what your offer is going to include.

Lacking the clarity to know what the heck you even want to sell.

Worrying about not having an official logo and visual brand created

Feeling that sense of imposter syndrome from selling your offers.

When you join this $55 Masterclass you'll learn How to:

Gain CLARITY on the next steps in your biz, even if you aren't making money right now.

The 7 step process I use to build a profitable brand and START MAKING MONEY from your business this month.

ATTRACT your dream clients using the power of branding.

And as if all of that wasn't enough!

Each session will have a BONUS live Q & A where I will be available to answer any profitable brand, or design questions you might have! 

As an added bonus, you'll get access to my previous masterclass about Brand and Logo Design to learn how to create a logo without expensive programs.

Submit your logo design to me for a FREE logo design audit where I'll give you suggestions on how to perfect your logo design

A live Q+A with me 1 week later, in case you have questions you didn't get to ask!


Adrienne Barton
I want to share what a gift this class was! I am in my 17th year in the non-profit sector and have created organizations from the ground up. NEVER has anyone broken down Mission and Vision statements to the simplistic and understandable way you did. 
Wendy Harrop
I've been trying to nail down my niche for months, but no one has asked in such a simple way! Thank you!
Laurie Thomas
Sadie's class is short, sweet and to the point. She has the ability to break things down into bite size pieces. 


If I don't know exactly what my business concept or offer is, will this class still benefit me?

A: Yes! This class will help you think about the vision behind your business and branding, and how you can start making money from your branding!

How soon can I start making money from this class?

A: If implemented right, you'll learn how to make money within about a month. I'll be teaching the process I use from my own business to come up with offers and make money from my branding!

Will you be teaching about design in this class?

A: This masterclass is focused on making money from your branding and gaining clarity on how to do so, BUT I will be sending a replay to all those who purchase of my previous brand design masterclass, so you can learn how to do that as well!

What if I can't make it to the live class? Will there be a Replay?

A: Yes! I will be sending out a replay of the class directly after it ends to anyone who signed up!

THIS Masterclass IS FOR YOU IF:

You've been spinning your wheels trying to make money in your business, but just aren't seeing results.

You feel stuck in what the next steps for your business are, or how to start, and need direction on how to build a profitable brand.

You feel like you would love to have a business, but have imposter syndrome when it comes to selling.

You lack clarity on where you would even start to try and make money with a business.

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